COVID-19 Vaccine Road to Recovery


Finally, we are receiving vaccines and working our way towards defeating this pandemic! It is exciting, frustrating and a little scary still.  Exciting that we are getting supply and getting the most vulnerable vaccinated, that Washington State is one of the (still few) states that have more folks vaccinated than folks with Covid, and our death rates are decreasing with … Read More

2021 Flu Vaccine

2020 flu vaccine

Our office has received many inquiries regarding this year’s influenza vaccine, and in particular when is the optimal time to receive it. The most important consideration is that you just GET IT, whether early or late, high-dose or standard-dose. The more people that are vaccinated the better off we’ll all be when influenza starts circulating. The general recommendation is to … Read More

Measles: An unwanted acquaintance making an unwelcome return


After a long, hard day, you turn on the news and hear about the latest outbreak of measles. Various counties all over the country have been affected (even in our own backyard: Clark County). Here are a few pointers and words of advice regarding this disease. Measles is characterized by fever, cough, runny nose, red eye, and a very specific … Read More

New Shingrix Vaccine for Shingles

NEW Shingrix vaccine for shingles | Olympic Internal Medicine

New Shingles Vaccine A new vaccine for shingles was approved by the FDA last Fall, with formal recommendations for use released from the CDC earlier this year. The most common question that has arisen regarding the shingles vaccine is, “Should I get the new vaccine?” The short answer is “yes.” The new medicine, called the Shingrix Vaccine, has multiple advantages … Read More