Olympic Internal Medicine is pleased to provide two remote virtual care programs to enable our patients to stay in touch with us between doctor visits: Chronic Care Management (CCM) & Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Both services are managed by RevUp and are made available to Olympic Internal Medicine’s eligible Medicare patients. 

Eligible patients will receive the following services:

  • On-going support and guidance from a healthcare team, which includes an RN and CMA (health coach)
  • Digital and telephonic communication
  • Individualized care plans and health content
  • Easy integration of connected devices and IT support
  • Access to RevUp patient applications for personal health tracking, goal setting, and secure communication with their care manager
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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CCM is an ongoing care management service that offers virtual monthly health care guidance to Medicare patients with two or more chronic health conditions. The care team will develop a comprehensive care management plan based on an assessment of patient’s medical, functional, and psychosocial needs; coordination of care between pharmacy, specialists, hospitals, etc., help track and log vitals, answer questions, provide specific health recommendations, and communicate with the patient’s doctor as needed.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

This service helps patients and health providers to monitor vitals remotely and to track disease and symptom progression with a “RevUp Care Hub.” The “RevUp Care Hub” includes peripheral items, such as a BP cuff, thermometer, scale, glucometer, pulse oximeter, or spirometer. Together these tools provide vitals information that is used to educate and/or modify a patient’s care plan.

Healthcare Coverage

Traditional Medicare covers these services at 80%.  Most secondary insurances (Medigap) will cover the remaining 20%.  For CCM services the cost to the patient if they do not have secondary insurance is around $8-$10 per month, more if they have not met their deductible.  For RPM services the monthly cost to patients if they do not have a secondary is a copay of about $20 per month, again it would be more until they have met their deductible.  At this time Tricare does not cover these services.

MedAdvantage patients should contact their insurance carriers to determine how much their cost share would be.  When calling the insurance company, ask about Chronic Care Management Services CPT code 99490; Remote Patient Monitoring CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458.

Patients can have their POA or caregivers speak on their behalf to help assist in their care. Patients can opt-out and cancel participation in the program at any time (there is no obligation).

Benefits of these services

  • Medicare recognizes CCM as a critical component of the patient’s primary care that contributes to better health and outcomes.
  • With the health pandemic, patients are more isolated and afraid to go into public settings. This program allows patients to be monitored and provide valuable information to the doctors without leaving home.
  • RPM can assist in catching early warning signs of potential health issues or exacerbations.
  • CCM helps prevent hospital or ER visits.
  • Both services provide continuity of care for the patient and doctor.
  • Both services help support the patient to follow recommended therapies and treatments.

What to Expect

Expect a call from RevUp. Many of our patients at Olympic Internal Medicine qualify for these programs. Don’t be alarmed if you receive a phone call (either robocalls or live person) from RevUp calling to see if you have any questions and would like to enroll in these services. This is a complimentary call to provide you information and to answer your questions. You are receiving this call because we feel these services would be a benefit to you.

Bookmark this page. We will be updating information about these services by providing hyperlinks and pdf downloads.

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